About Panchalingeswar

    This place of pilgrimage, where the pilgrims use for offerings and worship,and the devotees and priests use to conduct rituals and ceremonies, sits a huge flat plane slippery smooth rock surface.Along this rocky inclined surface is a long pit where turbulent water is flowing. This flowing water reservoir is known as the Sacred Pool of Goddess Parvati or the Parvati Kunda. There are many idols established there for worship as well as many small statues of snakes.

Jarasandha Caves

   Adjacent to this side there is a mysterious opening of a tunnel.According to mythology, this was used by the King Jarasandha (a character during Mahabharat era) as a bunker.The local people say this tunnel stretches its hidden root for miles and miles below and across the mountain.Sages and hermits later used this tunnel mouth or cave as a place of meditation, as this tunnel is silent up to the depth of a mystery and beliefs in occultism.

   Currently, visitors can find monks meditating there and chanting the holy scriptures from Vedas and Bhagwat Gita. The Shiva lingas or the holy phallus emblems of Lord Shiva are deeply ensconced in the flowing turbulent swallow water stream in the pit. Roots of the banyan tree and other trees are entangled with a thick layer on the vertical rock wall of the pit, creates a messy appearance.

Jarasandha Caves

Natural Springs and Waterfalls

The ever flowing stream of waters and various natural source of water springs make the valley a rich source of cool and drinkable clean water.Thousands of visitors and local people can get an ample amount of cool water from these mountain streams, even in the dry summer seasons. On the top of the hill there is a long ditch, a natural reservoir of water. There are so many water springs in the valley e.g. Charupadia Spring, Laksmipada Spring and Badamba Spring.

Natural Hotsprings

Natural Hot springs

   In this valley midst of the hills,west of the Panchalingeswar rock,there is a place of wide open fields, miles in length,where thousands of people gather for a fair festival held known as Magha Saptami Mela.Thousands of people from nearby villages and tourists gather here during the festival which is held annually.It is celebrated for 9 days in the month of January or February.Various cultural performances, such as traditional and tribal folk dances and songs are exhibited for entertainment during this period.